This Virtual Tour is a part of the panoramic imagery captured for Punchdrunk’s installation of ‘The Drowned Man’.

I spent over a week on location capturing every conceivable part of the space for their in house development team to use as a form of documentation for the project. The workflow I used for the creation of the imagery in the Virtual Tour allowed for creative stylistic freedom with various renderings of panoramic images being presented to the Punchdrunk team before deciding on the final style used in this virtual tour.

Staying true to the concept of the show the virtual tour was designed to hide small details, spaces and interactive elements that would allow the viewer to have a different experience each time they viewed the tour and perhaps even allow the user to visit other parts of the space they hadn’t seen when visiting in person. It does also have an automatic mode, which cycles the user through the spaces after a period of non interaction.

The Virtual Tour was initially made available to Punchdrunk’s Keyholder supporters as a Christmas Present in 2016, but for which they were required to solve a riddle and enter a password in order to view. The virtual tour was then made public on the 19th February 2017 to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the death of Georg Büchner the author behind Woyzk on which the show was based.

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