Why Use 360° Product Photography?

Competition is fierce in the world of e-commerce and retailers are constantly looking for new ways to stand out and give shoppers confidence in buying their products. One problem online retailers face is only being able to show shoppers a flat photograph of their product and even the best product photographers find it difficult to give people a really accurate representation of the product in a single or even a series of pictures. Similarly, when lots of retailers are selling similar products, it’s really difficult to stand out when your pictures look a lot like everyone else’s. One way savvy online sellers are overcoming this problem is by using 360 product photography to allow shoppers to really get a good look at their products and to stand out from their competitors.

What is 360° Product Photography?

This type of photography involves taking lots of pictures of a product from different angles along the same or multiple axis. Photographers usually use a turntable to place the product on so they can turn it smoothly and take pictures that can fit together flawlessly. Once these pictures are processed using specialised software, the photographer can create a perfect 360 degree image of the product which can be displayed as a gif (a short video) or an interactive feature where users can use the cursor to turn the image this way and that to see different parts of the product.

How can it Increase Sales?

Real Life Experience

When people walk into a shop, they often pick up the products they are interested in and look at them from different angles. Being able to manipulate a 360 degree image of a product online or see it from all angles in a gif gives them a similar experience when online shopping. Emulating this offline experience gives shoppers confidence to buy products online.

Fewer Returns

Many online retailers who use 360 product photography report that they have fewer returns from products which have these pictures as people get a better idea of what they are buying before they see it in the flesh. Obviously, it’s very beneficial for retailers to not need to refund customers and process returns but it’s also good for their reputation to have a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Standing out from the Crowd

Using 360 product photography is a great way to differentiate your products and your ecommerce website from your competitors’. 360 degree pictures not only catch shoppers’ eyes more than normal ones, they encourage the shopper to spend more time looking at it or interacting with it than a normal picture which means they are more likely to end up buying from that site as statistics show the longer a person spends on a website, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

360 product photographs are also great in online marketing particularly on social media where gifs have become very popular particularly amongst young people. Making the fact that you use 360 photographs on your site a feature of your online marketing will also draw in potential buyers who like the idea of being able to examine your products from all angles.

For retailers who want to display their products online to the best advantage and thereby increase sales and boost their online image, StreetVisit can create beautiful 360 photographs to make your business stand out from the crowd. Call us on 01273 900056 or email [email protected] to see how we can help you.