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Location Scouting and Virtual Tour Photography

Films, TV programmes, adverts, training videos, corporate videos and events often depend heavily on their locations to be successful. Likewise, locations become well known attractions after being featured in a popular film, television programme or even an iconic advert. So, obviously, getting the right location and using it to its best advantage is vital. Location scouting agencies, individual scouts and location owners are finding that virtual tour photography is an essential service. Location scouts, for example gain a detailed picture of what they can do with a location. Similarly location owners have a useful tool to show off their location to people who might want to use it.


Traditionally location managers take location pictures and the directors or event organisers make their initial decisions based on these. Once they’ve decided to use a location, they often visit it more than once and take further pictures based on what they want to do with it. This whole process can take a great deal of toing and froing long before any filming takes place which can be very time consuming for people with tight time frames. By using a virtual tour, this time and hassle can be greatly reduced because the virtual tour can cover all the angles of the location in one go allowing the decision makers to navigate around the location on a device and virtually explore it thoroughly.


Another advantage of using virtual tours to scout locations is, they allow the user to view it from every angle. Virtually walking around it rather than looking at static pictures. In addition, as the virtual tour is online, different people involved in the project can view it time and time again. The flexibility of a virtual tour means it can accommodate the different needs of people looking at it. For example if plans or schedules change team members still have access to the virtual tour when that might not be the case for the physical location.


On the flip side, people who want to hire their locations out for films, TV programmes, adverts, corporate videos and events can use virtual tours to attract location scouts to their places. Having everything a location scout needs, ready to view on a website, they make their location a convenient option. Features like that are good at making a location stand out from the crowd and catching a location scout’s eye.

Cost Saving

Clearly, saving all this time and hassle will save money too. Less travelling and fewer man-hours spent visiting and revisiting locations means a lower overall cost.

If you are a location scout looking to make your life, and the rest of the crew’s lives, easier or you’d like to promote a location for filming or events, a virtual tour could be a really good way to achieve those ends. At StreetVisit, we have a great deal of experience in creating virtual tours crafted perfectly to meet your needs and capture all the most important elements of the location to show it in the best light. Call 01273 900056 or email [email protected] to speak to us and see how we can help.


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