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So much travel is booked online nowadays that high quality travel photography is even more important than it ever was. Gone are the days of visiting a travel agents, flicking through a brochure and deciding where to go on holiday. Flights, train tickets, car hire, accommodation and even attractions and activities are most often booked through the internet. As a result travel and tourism companies are trying all kinds of tactics to make their offering appealing online. Virtual tours in addition to high quality travel photography let people have a thorough look at accommodation before they book. To clarify it’s not particularly new but there are lots of new and exciting ways companies can use this technology. For example using virtual reality to draw travellers to their offering.

Virtual Tours

It isn’t just accommodation and hotels that can use travel photography and virtual tours.  All kinds of attractions can use them and take advantage of the interactive features they have to offer. We create virtual tours with videos, games and custom content to increase visitor retention. Consequently letting them see everything that’s on offer whilst also engaging with your brand in a memorable way. Imagine how this could work for a cruise ship with so many different areas and activities on offer.

Extra Attraction

While virtual tours are great for attracting visitors, virtual reality can be a fantastic way to improve their experience. Giving visitors something else to do while they’re there may be another reason for them to visit. For example virtual reality versions of historical sites as they looked at the time they were built. Interactive features might include examples of the people who would have frequented it with visitors able to ask questions. Other attractions could create virtual reality games based on their attraction as an added draw.

Try before you buy

Tourist destinations with lots of activities on offer could allow potential visitors to try virtual reality versions of their activities before booking their ticket. This wouldn’t just be a great way to whet their appetite for your activities but would also mean visitors to the website would spend more time on it and, hence, be more likely to make a booking. It’s a really cool feature that people will like too.

Website Attraction

As virtual tours and virtual reality based games are such an interesting feature to add to a website, having one on your website will be a big draw. A few fun games or really cool virtual tours will encourage people to visit your website just for that initially and share links to it with their friends on social media. Once on your site, they could easily find themselves tempted to book.

The amount of choice out there for travellers and the variety of information online means that tourist attractions, activities and accommodation have to do something different to stand out. Virtual reality and virtual tours can grab people’s attention and make them want to book by either giving them a good look at what is on offer or showing them something fun and interesting before they’ve even arrived. To talk about what virtual reality or a virtual tour could do for your travel and tourism business, call us on 01273 900056.


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