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Google My Business is the new home for your business information on Google. Keeping your business information updated will help your customers find you via Google Search and Google Maps

Optimising your business information is vital to ensure more customers find you.

No Google listing or not sure where to start?

If you don’t already have a Google listing or are simply not sure where to start we can help. Our team of specialists are here to help make sure you are getting the most out of your Google listing.

My Business is on Google but I don’t have access to, or don’t have a Google My Business account!

You’re not alone! We’ve helped our clients with all sorts of problems with their Google listings.  We help with everything from duplicate content and pages, which harm your local search, to unverified pages and listing errors.

  • Unverified Listings
  • Listing errors
  • Claiming listings and ownership or management transfers
  • Duplicate listings
  • Hijacked accounts
  • Old accounts

“Why do I need to setup Google My Business if I already appear in Google Search and Google Maps?”

If your business information is already being displayed within Google’s listing services, whether it be performing well in either Google local search or on Google Maps or not, setting up your page and verifying your business is an essential task.

Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)

One important factor in Local Search Optimisation is Name, Address, Phone Number information or N.A.P as it’s commonly referred to.  Keeping this information current and correct is vital to your local search position.  Keeping it updated also ensures that your potential customers can always find or contact you.

Whether or not you use Google Search personally, the majority of your customers do! With almost a 90% share of the overall search market Google is one of the most important places on the web to make sure you present your business information correctly for your customers to find you.

“I have multiple business locations, where do I start?”

Our team assist with listing setup and management for a number of popular brands with large business portfolio’s. Whether you need help with initial setup or require continued account support we are here to help.


Once your account has been set up you then have access to ‘Insights’ for each business listing or page that you manage within your account.

These insights are similar to Google website analytics, but provides information on how your listing and it’s content are performing.

Insights Features
  • Queries used to find your business
  • How Customers search for your business
  • Where on Google, customers view your business
  • Customer actions – such as visits to your website or requesting directions
  • Photo Views.

Further insight into views of your photos, including 360 photos from a Business Street View trusted virtual tour are also available in the Photos tab in the dashboard.

With prices starting at just £75 per Location. Get in touch today to find out more.