The Orbis MD10 Flying Eye Hospital is like no other plane in the world. Fitted with a state of the art operating room and facilities as well as a classroom this Boeing MD10 is not only a Flying Eye Hospital but also a Flying Eye University, enabling medical personnel around the world to be trained in the latest techniques in eye surgery and blindness prevention.

Worldwide there are approximately 39 million people who live with blindness and 246 million who have a moderate to severe visual impairment.

80% of visual impairment is treatable or preventable!

That’s why Orbis is such a worthy cause as not only do they perform sight restoration surgeries on board the plane they teach local medical personnel the skills they need to continue to restore sight and  prevent avoidable blindness.

On Location

The virtual tour of the plane was photographed in Sacramento, California at the McClellan Airfield. I completed most of the panoramic photography on the first day I had access to the plane whilst it was parked, nose in, to one of the hangers. The following evening I was lucky enough to be able to position the plane with the sun setting directly to her aft to complete the cockpit photography and the external and main entrance shots that were required to complete the virtual tour.


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