For the past few months we’ve been working on this amazing Orbis virtual tour of their Flying Eye Hospital.

We were lucky enough to travel out to Sacramento California to photograph their new Boeing MD10 Flying Eye Hospital, donated by Fedex which has replaced the previous DC10 aircraft that they had in service.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Orbis you can find out more about there work on there website here.

Worldwide there are 285 million people who are either blind or suffer from low vision with 80% suffering from conditions that could have been prevented or can be treated.

One of the fantastic ways Orbis is reducing preventable and treatable blindness is with their Flying Eye Hospital. By having a state of the art eye hospital within an aircraft, they are able to travel to some of the remotest and poorest areas of the world, to not only help treat those they can, but in the process train local medical professionals to continue their work. The Orbis MD10 plane is not just a flying eye hospital it’s a flying eye university leaving behind new teams, new skills and new hope on it’s continuing worldwide journey.

The Flying Eye Hospital VR Virtual Tour can be viewed with either a phone, a computer or a VR headset and is voiced by Oscar-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou.

Djimon is known for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Gladiator, Blood Diamond and Armistad and was announced as Orbis’s Continental Ambassador for Africa in June 2016.

“What I appreciate most is that Orbis has a direct impact on people’s lives – impact not only felt by those successfully operated on and given the gift of sight, but also the trained practitioners, empowered with the skills to continue serving their communities.  This is a cause worth advocating for and just the type of organisation that the world needs to support,” says Hounsou.

Photo Credit: Vero Image

Photo Credits: Charles Mansfield-Osborne – StreetVisit


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