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The Lanes in Brighton are now on Google Street View

Fancy a virtual stroll down the Brighton Lanes or Pavilion Gardens? Whether that little hidden shop you were looking for is in the North or South Lanes in Brighton it just got a lot easier to find. You can now explore a number of pedestrian areas in Brighton which has it’s very own extended version of Google Street View.

With the majority of Brighton’s famous Lanes shopping district being pedestrianised they weren’t included in initial versions of Street View imagery but now you can explore most of their hidden alleyways and shops as we’ve added hundreds of panoramas to Google maps in order to create this special extended version of Google Street View for Brighton.

The Brighton Lanes are a bit of a maze so don’t forget to check where you are on the map that can be found in the call out menu at the bottom left of the virtual tour window. Simply click on the expand button to open the menu then click on the info icon to bring up a map of your location. If you want to share the tour this menu also enables you to do that using the social share buttons.

The main navigation menu includes jump points to various locations as well as a full list of businesses that you can also virtually visit and walk around including hotels retail shops and restaurants as well as Leisure facilities available throughout the city.


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